What is a Rash Guard in MMA?

What is a Rash Guard in MMA?

Like any other sport, MMA training requires specific gear that will help you perform your best in the gym. Rash guards are a hot topic in the community and are certainly necessary if you’re serious about perfecting your craft. 

So, what is a rash guard in MMA, and do you need one? Below we will break down the answer to these questions, along with everything you need to know about finding the best product for you. We have the best MMA shorts and best MMA t-shirts too. 

What is a Rash Guard in MMA?

A rash guard is an athletic fit-wear shirt that is designed for protection and increased performance. Rash guards in MMA are typically made of spandex or polyester, and constructed with long sleeves to cover the arms. 

They are meant to fit snugly on the body for safety purposes and provide an edge on the competition for the wearer. We’ll go into detail about why you need a rash guard for MMA training in the next section. 

What is an MMA Rash Guard Necessary for?

Now that you know what a rash guard is, you might be wondering ‚Äúwhat is an MMA rash guard necessary for?‚ÄĚ Multiple benefits come with adding this piece to your arsenal, which we will explain below.¬†


One of the main benefits of wearing a rash guard in the gym is protection. When training for MMA, you are liable to get a few scrapes and cuts, especially with a training partner. The long sleeves on a rash guard will protect you from these minor injuries. 

There are likely to be dozens of other athletes going just as hard as you in the gym. As a result, there are tons of germs and bacteria on the mats you train on. Designed with this in mind, a good rash guard will act as a barrier to protect your skin from infection when you come in contact with contaminated surfaces. 


Rash guards are structured to fit snugly on your body, without any loose or excess fabrics getting in the way while you train. This will allow you to spar and grapple freely without worrying about injuries from limbs getting caught in baggy clothing. 

The right rash guard will keep your muscles loose and prevent most injuries on the mat, allowing you to safely work hard with your training partners in the gym. 


Another benefit of wearing a rash guard for MMA is a boost in performance. Compression clothing is key when it comes to combating sweat in the gym. Not only that, but rash guards can also help relieve muscle soreness, allowing you to continue training with no days off. A quality rash guard will keep you warm in the gym without hindering your movement. 

Are Rash Guards Worth it for MMA Training?

As you can see, wearing a rash guard for MMA comes with a wide range of benefits for athletes. On top of keeping you warm and dry, they can help you increase performance and avoid minor injuries. 

However, these benefits can only be achieved with a high quality rash guard. Apex Fitness offers a line of durable rash guards to fit any style. Premium materials and comfortable design make Apex Fitness the number one choice for MMA rash guards. 

Tips for Choosing & Caring for Your Rash Guard for MMA Training

When choosing a rash guard for MMA training, there are a few key points to look for. A high-quality rash guard that can help you achieve peak performance should possess all of the following qualities: 


The rash guard you choose should be durable and constructed with the most quality materials. Polyester and spandex, or a mixture of the two, are ideal for MMA training. 

Your MMA rash guard should be able to stand the rest of time, enduring everything you put it through while training. You want the piece you choose to become part of your arsenal for years to come. 


Flexibility is another important feature for an MMA rash guard. The fabric should stretch to move with you in the gym. Kinetic materials are best in this instance. If possible, try to look for longer sleeves with extra room for movement as you train. 


Comfort is key when training for any sport. The right rash guard will feel lightweight, while still keeping your body at an optimal temperature. Moisture-wicking fabrics keep sweat at bay. Aim for a soft and stretchy fabric you can wear for hours, so you can focus on your technique. 

How To Care For MMA Rash Guards 

Rash guards for MMA should also be properly cared for in between training sessions for best results. You don’t slack in the gym, so you shouldn’t neglect this important step. 

Premium rash guards like the ones from Apex Fitness should be maintained by hand washing with warm water and a mild detergent. Hang to dry if possible for the best results. 

When you return home from a training session, never leave your rash guard in your gym bag. Instead, give it room to breathe overnight if it doesn’t need a wash. 

Wrapping Things Up

So, what is a rash guard in MMA? In summary, it is a piece of fitwear made of a stretchy and lightweight material. Most MMA rash guards have long sleeves for maximum protection and benefits. 

A rash guard is an essential piece of your MMA training wardrobe. However, a rash guard for MMA is only worth it if you have the best one. When purchasing a rash guard, you should be on the lookout for durability, flexibility, and comfort. 

Apex Fitness is the leading provider of top quality rash guards and MMA shirts that move with you in the gym. The full product line features custom designed pieces for style and comfort. 

In addition to rash guards, Apex offers a wide selection of MMA jackets and MMA shorts to complete your wardrobe. 

Up your performance in the gym and shop at Apex Fitness for all your MMA training needs. 

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