The Best MMA Shirts to Help Take Your Training to a New Level

The Best MMA Shirts to Help Take Your Training to a New Level

If you’re on the hunt for the best MMA shirts to help take your training to a level, your search ends here. Today, we’re going to unveil the best MMA t shirts for training. Whether you’re looking for a shirt for grappling, sparring, shadowboxing, or even just getting some cardio in - the selections we’ve curated for you on this list are going to exceed your expectations. 

You probably already recognize the importance of quality clothing in your MMA training. That’s why you’re here reading this guide. But, the reality is that your shirts can make or break your training session. Low-quality garments slow you down, restrict your movements, and prevent you from reaching your full potential. Don’t let a heavy, baggy, unbreathable shirt cause you to fall short of your goals.

In just a moment, we’ll talk about what separates the best t-shirts for MMA training from the rest. Then, we’ll share with you what the industry agrees to best the best shirts for MMA training currently on the market. You’re not going to want to miss out on these!

What Separates the Best MMA T Shirts From the Rest?

Those who have experience in MMA training already realize the value behind quality training gear. We don’t say it lightly when we tell you that you need the best shirts for your MMA training regimen. Why? There are a few reasons:

They Allow You to Move Freely

Whether you’re sparring or grappling, you need to be able to move uninhibited. Now, some would argue that MMA tanktops or kickboxing tanktops are superior training garments for this exact reason - no sleeves to slow you down! 

However, there are quality MMA training shirts out there that offer free movement and won’t hold you back. The tricky part is finding them among all the low-quality options on the market. But since you’ve found our resource today and you’re still here reading, you’re on the right track.

They Have Moisture Wicking Capabilities Keep You Dry & Comfortable

If you’ve never gone through an hour grappling or sparring session before, prepare to sweat. A lot. These training sessions are some of the most physically demanding you’ll experience. And while breaking a sweat feels rewarding, you don’t want it to impact your performance.

Excessive moisture can contribute to discomfort - or, in some cases, rashes. That’s why you need a t-shirt that keeps you dry and comfortable with fabric technology. The shirts we’ll share with you in just a few moments offer some of the most sophisticated moisture-wicking properties you’ll ever enjoy.

They’re Durable Enough to Withstand Intense, Rigorous Training Sessions

You work hard. Every time you step into your gym it’s an opportunity to push your body - and your mind, for that matter - to the limits. But if your clothing isn’t durable enough to withstand these intense, rigorous training sessions, you’ll find yourself replacing it sooner rather than later.

That’s why you need durable shirts that can take a punch - literally. The best MMA shirts are strong enough to keep up with you every step of the way. You’ll be able to rely on these shirts for countless sessions, and you’ll undoubtedly get your money’s worth.

They Look Awesome, Too!

Maybe you don’t care about form as much as you do function. The design/style elements of a training t-shirt definitely don’t matter as much as the performance elements. Nevertheless, the best MMA t shirts are stylish enough to wear to the gym, to school, into town to run errands - you name it. 

We’re going to share a bunch of different designs with you today. Whether you’re looking for something simple and subtle you can fly under the radar with, or you want a vibrant, eye-catching design that stands out in a crowd - you’ll find it down below.

So, without any further ado - let’s get into the best shirts for MMA training.

What are the Best MMA Shirts in 2022? Our Favorites Revealed:

At Apex Fitness, our mantra is to work hard and embrace every challenge life throws at you with open arms. We relish in the opportunity to get better each day - and inspire others to do the same throughout the journey. But, in order to realize the greatest versions of ourselves, we need gear that helps us make it happen. And that’s where our MMA t-shirts come in.

Carefully crafted from quality materials that will stand the test of time, our shirts offer unparalleled performance - no matter what your training regimen calls for. These projects were born from a passion to provide our community with clothing that works as hard as they do. And the results are in - these are the best MMA shirts to date! 

While they’ll help you find a new gear in your training to really push the limits of what’s possible, they are stylish enough to wear outside the gym, too. We’re going to start off with our signature tee:

Apex Signature Tee

This simple, subtle design is available in a wide array of colors: Royal Blue, Military Green, Heather Black, and Heather Red. With “Apex Fitness” stretched across the chest, you’ll be reminded of your mission each and every time you look in the mirror. 

The shirts themselves offer the perfect balance of stretch and durability, so your training movements are comfortable and unrestricted. And, while aesthetics may not be your primary concern, the form-fitting silhouette will unlock unfound confidence as it accentuates your musculature. If you’re on the hunt for something more vibrant and eye-catching though, keep reading…

Iron Savage Tee

If the dope design on the back of our Iron Savage tee doesn’t win you over, the idea behind it will: "Civilize the mind, but Make Savage the Body".

Many of us take on MMA training because we want to feel confident knowing we can handle ourselves physically in any situation. Mastering martial arts of any discipline provides a sense of security and peace of mind - and you start to walk a bit more confidently

But, part of what separates real men from those who claim to be is the ability to control their emotions and thoughts. Civilize your mind no matter what savagery your body is capable of - that is the goal in life!

No Ego, Just Grit Tee

One of our many mantras here at Apex Fitness is - no ego, just grit. We believe that hard work and tenacity speak for themselves. Killing your ego is the only way to unlock your peak potential - and we decided to create a design to help you remember this message.

This tee features an awesome design with better messaging: hard work beats talent. It’s one of our most popular shirts, and a no-brainer choice for anyone seeking the best MMA t shirt.

Tonal HVY Tee

The shirts we’ve discussed thus far are perfect for anyone wondering what to wear for MMA training. They’re lightweight, breathable, and can help you perform your best. And it’s true that they can also be worn outside of the gym.

But, if you’re looking for something purely to elevate your outfit, look no further than the Tonal HVY lineup we’ve designed. These embroidered, premium heavyweight tees are an excellent choice for any occasion where you want to look good and feel good. The manner in which these simple shirts make a statement is incredibly unique - making them a worthy addition to your wardrobe.  

Unlike many of the other styles we have here for you, this particular t-shirt has a regular fit - so it won’t hug your arms, back, and chest much. It’s available in a range of stunning colorways: brick, obsidian, agave, and white. 

Coy Tee

Last but not least, we have the Coy Tee - a personal favorite in our community here at Apex Fitness. This one holds a special place in our hearts, as the words “rise above” remind you to embrace every challenge life throws your way with open arms.

Final Thoughts on the Best MMA T Shirts Online Right Now

As you can see, there is a range of options at your fingertips on our list of the best MMA shirts in 2022. The only question is - which is your favorite? Choosing just one is hard. The good news is, you don’t have to. Stock up on Apex Fitness t-shirts today and snag one for every training day of the week! You can feel good about treating yourself knowing 5% of proceeds is going to Angel City Sports: an excellent cause.

While you may have come here looking for the best shirts for MMA training, that’s just part of what you’ll find in our catalog. We also have a full range of MMA shorts, MMA rash guards, MMA jackets, and much, much more. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get the best MMA t shirts right now at Apex Fitness. And, to compliment the look, gain inspiration from our year end review of the best MMA shorts!

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