How to Wash Super Sweaty MMA Clothes

How to Wash Super Sweaty MMA Clothes: Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re serious about MMA training, you know there’s a lot of specialized clothing and gear needed to perform your best in the gym. After working hard sparring and grappling in a training session, collecting sweat, dust, and bacteria on your clothing is inevitable. It doesn’t take long for all of that build-up to turn into unpleasant odors that seem to become ingrained in the fabric. 

Smelly clothes aren’t ideal for you or your training partners. To avoid being that guy in the gym, follow this easy step-by-step guide for how to wash super sweaty MMA clothes. 

The Importance of Learning How to Wash Super Sweaty MMA Clothes

Learning how to wash super sweaty MMA clothes is almost as important as having the right gear to train with. Think about it - when you’re sparring with your training partner, do you want to smell his body odor from last week? No one wants to be locked in a Guillotine by someone who doesn’t know how to wash their gym clothes properly. 

In addition to avoiding rashes and infections, this is the number one reason why it’s important to know how to wash your MMA clothes when they get super sweaty. 

To be considerate of your training partner(s) and everyone else in the gym, follow the steps outlined below for washing your sweaty MMA clothes. 

How to Wash Super Sweaty MMA Clothes: Step-by-Step Instructions

Washing your MMA clothes when they get sweaty is important for more than one reason, but it’s even more crucial to wash them the right way. Follow the steps explained below to clean your training clothes without compromising quality. 

Step 1: Decide what needs to be washed

To maintain the quality and integrity of your gym clothes, be careful of how often you put them through the washing process. Clothes you train in every day will need cleaning more often than minimally used pieces. As a general rule, items like socks and underwear should always be washed after each use. It’s up to you to decide when it’s time to freshen up your other MMA gear. 

Step 2: Sort your laundry 

Just like doing regular laundry, you should start by separating your MMA clothing by material and color. To avoid piling and build-up on your gym clothes, don’t wash your gear at the same time as other fabrics like cotton. Instead, start a separate load for your MMA clothes alone. 

Step 3: Load the washing machine 

Follow the instructions on your MMA clothing labels for wash settings. It is recommended to wash cold with a mild detergent in most cases to preserve the fabrics. However, if you have super sweaty MMA clothes, you may want to choose the warm setting instead. 

For delicate fabrics, you can gently hand wash them in a tub of cold or warm water with the same mild detergent before proceeding to the next step. 

Step 4: Hang to dry 

To keep up the quality of your MMA clothes and avoid shrinking, try to air dry them instead of machine drying them whenever possible. Exposing your clothing to high heat causes decreased fabric performance and can even make stubborn odors worse. 

If you’re in a rush and must put your MMA clothes through the dryer, choose the lowest heat setting to be as gentle as possible. 

Additional Tips for Caring for Your MMA Clothes

In addition to following the process outlined in the previous section for how to wash super sweaty MMA clothes, there are a few more tips to keep in mind for the best long-term results. 

MMA clothes are typically made of materials designed to be soft, stretchy, and flexible while you’re wearing them. To maintain quality, you’ll want to take extra care with the following steps before, during, and after you wash your clothes. 

Let them breathe 

Before you wash your MMA clothes, it’s a good idea to let them breathe and air out. This will help get rid of some of those trapped odors before you throw them all in the washing machine. Another tip worth noting is to NEVER leave your sweaty MMA clothes in your gym bag overnight. 

Pre-soak before washing 

To soften up the odors your MMA clothes have accumulated before washing, try a pre-soak solution. This can be done with a bucket of water and an odor-eliminating material like vinegar or baking soda. 

Wash inside out 

Before loading your smelly MMA clothes into the washing machine, it’s best to turn them inside out. While it may seem like this won’t get the job done properly, it does wonders for maintaining the quality of your fabrics while still effectively washing them. 

Go easy on the detergent 

Choose a mild detergent for washing your sweaty MMA clothes, but don’t be heavy-handed when you add it to your load. You need detergent to freshen up your laundry, but use as little as possible to avoid altering your clothing in any way. Fabric softener should be avoided altogether for your training clothes. 

Use a scent booster 

For extra sweaty and smelly MMA clothes, try adding a scent booster to the washing machine. This can be anything you have around, from store-bought scent beads to an extra splash of vinegar. 

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Sometimes super sweaty MMA clothes just can’t be rescued. Depending on the fabric types and quality of your current wardrobe pieces, lingering odors can become permanent over time no matter what you do to combat them. 

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Final Thoughts on How to Wash Your Super Sweaty MMA Clothes

In summary, washing your super sweaty MMA clothes will consist of deciding when each piece needs to be cleaned, sorting your laundry, washing with a mild detergent in cold or warm water, and finishing by hanging them to dry. 

Proper care is an important component of washing super sweaty MMA clothes. In addition to just washing and drying them, you should take the extra time to air out your clothes before cleaning. 

Avoid using too much detergent or softeners that can ruin the structure of the fabric. Pre-soaking, using a scent booster, and washing inside out can also help you maintain your clothing. 

The best solution to combat sweaty MMA clothes is investing in durable gear made with quality fabrics. Apex Fitness is the best choice for premium MMA jackets, MMA tanktops, MMA socks, and MMA hoodies. 

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