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Warming up and breaking a sweat before your actual training doesn’t just help prevent injury and get your body primed - it sets the tone for your entire session. Our MMA jackets are the #1 choice for warming up in and preparing to push yourself to the limit - physically and mentally. Shop now!

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Break a Sweat While Warming Up With Apex Fitness MMA Jackets!

Your warmup is just as important as the training itself - as a poor warmup leads to a poor workout or performance. If you take your training seriously, why not take your warmups seriously, too? The right routine can make all the difference. And beyond just carefully selecting your warmup exercises, stretches, and movements, you need to wear the right gear during your warmup. After all - the goal is to raise your body temperature and get your muscles warm. 

That’s where our MMA warm-up jackets come in. These aren’t just stylish pump covers you can wear on the way to and from your training session. By getting your warmup routine in with this layer on top, you’ll unlock peak performance faster. Make the most of your time in the gym by getting yourself some MMA warm up jackets today. And, if you’re still not convinced our jackets are the right choice for you, keep reading - we’ll explain what separates them from the rest.

What Separates Our MMA Warm-up Jackets From the Rest?

There’s a reason you’ll see our jackets on some of the most respected fighters in gyms around the world. They’re printed on a durable, high-quality champion half zip pullover - so you know they’re built to last. And, these 100% polyester micro poplin jackets are wind-resistant and rain-resistant. They’re not just functional inside the gym - they’re functional out in the real world, too. Because they’re so stylish, you can wear them around campus, to the store, or anywhere life takes you.

But, one feature that really separates our MMA jackets from the rest is the packability factor. The jackets completely break down and fold up into a square bag - so you can store stuff within it safely if you need to. This makes travel to and from the gym - or anywhere else, for that matter - a breeze. Just pull the zipped pouch pocket inside out!

Other cool features include the adjustable bungee draw cord at the hood and bottom hem, elastic cuffs, and free shipping worldwide. 

MMA Jackets Aren’t the Only Essential You’ll Find Here…

Apex Fitness is a community dedicated to hard work, inspiring others, and rising above everything that holds us back from reaching our potential. If you live a gritty lifestyle like us, then shop today and get your new favorite MMA warm up jacket. You’ll be glad you took a chance and trusted us. 

Keep in mind, these jackets aren’t the only essential we offer here for your training. While you’re here, explore our top-of-the-line MMA hoodies, MMA shirts, MMA shorts, MMA joggers, and MMA tanktops. We even have socks, hats, and other accessories you need to look the part and performance at your best. Shop now and join the Apex movement!