The Best MMA Shorts for Training

The Best MMA Shorts for Training in 2022

Looking to get the most out of your training? The gear you wear makes a big difference - your rash guard, your gloves, and perhaps most importantly, your shorts. The right training shorts don't just look good and fit comfortably - they grant you unrestricted movement so you can perform at your best. They also have built-in technology to wick away moisture and keep you cool, along with other important features. And, if you're on the hunt for the best MMA shorts for training or fighting, you're in the right place.

Today, we're going to unveil the best shorts for MMA training. At Apex Fitness, you'll find an unrivaled collection of men's training shorts. Our shorts are unlike anything else available - so it should come as no surprise that you'll find us in gyms around the world. But, more importantly, you're going to learn what separates the best MMA shorts from the rest. This will help you shop for your own shorts with confidence knowing what to look for - and more importantly, what to avoid. You'll also gain valuable tips to help you shop for your perfect pair - no matter your experience level, discipline, or preferences.

We've got a lot to cover today and we know your time is valuable - so let's get right into the first topic at hand. Why is it so important to get the best shorts for MMA training in the first place?

The Importance of Getting the Best MMA Shorts

If you've spent any time sparring, grappling, or just hitting the heavy bag - you know the importance your training gear plays in how well your training session goes. If you're new to combat sports, though, you may not be aware of quite how important your shorts are. After all, they're just shorts, right? Not quite.

There are a few different reasons why it's worth your time and money to invest in the best MMA shorts for training. The obvious reason is to unlock peak comfort and mobility. When you're sparring or rolling, you need to be able to move freely without any restrictions. That's why our shorts are designed with a wide range of motion in mind - so you can perform at your best without any limits. More on that later.

The second reason to make sure you get the right shorts is all about safety.  When you're training, you want to make sure your skin is protected from rashes and other injuries. That's why the best MMA compression shorts are made with high-quality, durable materials. And, they're also equipped with a groin cup pocket - so you can keep yourself safe while sparring or grappling.

The third reason to get the best MMA shorts is to improve your performance. When you train in the right gear, you'll be able to push yourself harder and for longer periods of time. That's because the right gear will help regulate your body temperature and keep you comfortable - even when things start to heat up.

So, now that we've gone over why it's important to get the best shorts for MMA training, let's move on to our next topic: what separates the best MMA fight shorts from the rest?

What Separates the Best Shorts for MMA Training From the Rest

Before we unveil the best shorts for MMA training down below, we want to take a deep dive into what separates the best MMA fight shorts from the rest. This way, you know exactly what to look for when shopping for your own shorts - even if you end up going elsewhere, you'll be able to identify key features that you need to have. When shopping for training shorts, there are a few key things to keep in mind:

Compression is a Must

First and foremost, look for training shorts that feature some degree of compression. Sure - you can wear a typical pair of shorts along with a separate pair of compression shorts. But why not just buy a pair of shorts that have compression built-in? This helps keep your muscles warm while increasing oxygen flow to the muscles. The end result is the ability to safely undertake more intense training sessions while recovering faster. And let's face it - compression shorts are just about as comfortable as it gets. The more comfortable you are in your training gear, the better you'll perform.

Lightweight, Breathable Materials

Speaking of comfort, you should ensure the shorts you're buying are carefully crafted from lightweight, breathable materials. That means no cotton - instead, go with a performance tech material. This helps you move freely and stay light on your feet. The more you "feel" your shorts, the more of a detriment they are to you and your training. It's also important that the materials of your shorts are breathable, so you can stay cool and comfortable over the course of long, hot sessions.

Moisture Wicking Capabilities

Speaking of staying cool and comfortable, the material of the best training shorts for MMA should have moisture-wicking capabilities. This will keep sweat off your body and decrease the risk of chaffing or rashing from movement. And, it will keep you light, too.

Other Key Features Worth Looking for

Along with the three factors we mentioned already, there are some cool features you can look for in a pair of training shorts that elevate them above the rest. These include tech pockets to keep your phone safe and secure, towel/shirt loops, etc.

In summary, though, you can find the best shorts for MMA training by simply looking at the materials and construction. It's important to emphasize compression and performance tech materials to really get the most out of your training. And, if you are simply here to get a product recommendation so you can hit the ground running - you're in luck. Read on below as we discuss what the best MMA shorts for training are in 2022.

So, What are the Best MMA Shorts for Training in 2022?

We know you're excited to discover the best MMA shorts for training in 2022 - so we won't hold you in suspense any longer! Apex Fitness is the #1 choice for MMA shorts. Perfect for kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, or even other types of training like CrossFit, jogging - you name it, our shorts will deliver. And, we have a wide variety of styles to choose from. Let's start by introducing our most popular shorts: the APEXLITE 3.0 Training Shorts.

APEXLITE 3.0 Training Shorts

These revolutionary training shorts are made from a kinetic material that moves with you to unlock unparalleled performance and comfort. You'll never have to worry about being held back by your shorts. They feature built-in compression shorts paired with a lightweight, soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking shell. This shell is super soft and high-performance - keeping you cool, no matter the workout.

And, these shorts have awesome built-in features like a phone pocket (which fits any device), a towel/shirt loop, and more. When you factor in the price of these shorts, they're a steal. You get incredible value from the APEXLITE 3.0 Training Shorts. But, they're not the only style we offer. If you're looking for something with a shorter inseam and more performance, check out the APEX ELMNT Training Shorts...

APEX ELMNT Training Shorts

Featuring a 5" inseam, these training shorts are the most functional choice currently on the market. And, that's why fighters around the world trust them - they unlock a level of performance that typical shorts just can't. They're ultra-lightweight and feature built-in compression leggings. The shell is incredibly light, soft, breathable, and water resistant - just like the APEXLITE 3.0 shorts. The kinetic material moves with you - preventing restriction, rashes, or drops in performance. And, these shorts also encourage blood flow to the leg muscles to accelerate recovery. This helps you push harder, for longer - and helps you come back to do it all over again the next day.

The durability of these shorts is unmatched - which is why they're among the best compression shorts for MMA. They'll stand up to intense use and regular wear - and you won't have to worry about your sweat damaging the material over time, as moisture is efficiently wicked away. Whether you're boxing or grappling, or practicing any discipline in between - these are the training shorts you need to perform your best. The best part? You'll look good doing it.

APEXLITE 2.0 Training Shorts

If you're looking for the most bang for your buck, the APEXLITE 2.0 Training Shorts are right up your alley. They're the most affordable option on this list - but make no mistake, they're just as functional and high-performance. The Hyperlite mesh shell is ultra-light, so you can be as agile and quick as possible. These still feature the same kinetic material that moves with you for unrivaled comfort and performance, too. With unprecedented durability, these will be your go-to training shorts for years to come. And, they also feature a hidden compression pocket for your phone, a stitched-in towel/shirt loop, and a zippered back pocket.

Tips for Shopping/Caring for the Best Shorts for MMA Training

There you have it - the best MMA compression shorts for training. No matter your discipline, the Apex Fitness lineup is what you need to perform at your best and feel comfortable while doing it. The fact that you'll look great is just an added bonus. Now, we want to leave you with a few parting thoughts to help you shop for - and care for - your shorts:

  • Pay attention to sizing: the last thing you want is to order the wrong size and deal with uncomfortable shorts - or an exchange. To avoid this, carefully examine our size chart. Our shorts fit true to size - but to make sure you're getting a pair that fit your unique body/preferences, click the "what's my size" button on the product page of any of our shorts.
  • Get the right style: as you can see, we offer a variety of different styles of shorts. The one you choose should depend on your discipline, budget, and preferences. If you need help deciding, our team is more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect pair of shorts
  • Don't forget about care instructions: once you have your hands on the best MMA compression shorts, you'll want to make sure you're taking care of them properly. Be sure to read the care instructions that come with your purchase. There is no worse feeling than washing/drying a garment incorrectly the first go around - and discovering that you've damaged it beyond repair. Following care instructions will ensure that your shorts last as long as possible - and continue to perform at the highest level.

Final Thoughts on the Best MMA Compression Shorts

Now that you know all about the best MMA compression shorts, there is just one thing left to do - head over to Apex Fitness and shop for the essentials. While we've talked all about our MMA training shorts today, they're not the only gear you need for training. We recently wrote a complete guide on what to wear for MMA training if you're interested in exploring other essentials as a newcomer. You can't overlook the importance of the MMA rash guard, but we also have other clothing you need to make the most of every training session - from MMA shirts to MMA socks, MMA joggers, MMA jackets, and much, much more. Shop Apex Fitness today and upgrade your training with the best compression shorts for MMA training!

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