5 Reasons Why These Shorts Went Viral ūüí™

These shorts have blown up on Tiktok this summer and it's no surprise. Whether you're into running, weight lifting, mixed martial arts, or all of the above - your training gear directly affects your workouts. Here is the top 5 reasons why these ApexLite Shorts are the new gold standard for Athletes of all calibers.

1. Better Performance.

First and foremost, training shorts should feature some degree of compression. This helps increase blood flow to your muscles and wick away sweat to keep you dry. The end result is the ability to push harder for longer.  

2. All of the Features. 

The built-in liner has a tech pocket that secures your phone to your leg while conditioning. This makes them perfect for runners and lifters alike - nothing is more annoying than a phone bouncing around and falling out of your pocket. Additionally, there is a nifty loop stitched to the back of the shorts that is perfect for holding a towel or even your tee shirt.

3. Unrivaled Ball Comfort. 

Everyone is raving about how insanely comfortable these shorts are. They were made for performance, but man APEX nailed it when it comes taking care of the family jewels. The soft inner lining keeps everything in place without being overly restrictive. Don't be surprised if you find yourself wearing these even when just lounging around.

4. Short-Shorts are In.

Baggy bulky gym shorts that go below the knee are a thing of the past and for good reason. They not only get in the way and restrict your movements, but they also hide the muscles you worked so hard on. The ApexLite have a 5" inseam and tailor fit that will make even the skinniest of legs look more muscular and toned.

5. Big Savings. $$$

It's no secret that fit-wear prices are getting out of hand. Check out some big name brands like Lulu and your looking at close to $100 for a single pair of shorts. ūü§Į Right now you can snag 3 pairs of the ApexLite Training shorts for just $99. Pick from 6 different colorways, add them to your cart, and boom an automatic discount will be applied.