How Tight Should an MMA Rash Guard Be?

How Tight Should an MMA Rash Guard Be? Tips for Perfect Sizing

Your rash guard is an important part of your gear for MMA. It protects you and can improve your performance, but only if you wear the right size. 

But how tight should an MMA rash guard be?

You’ll discover the answer in this guide. We’ll help you choose the right size and see why perfect rash guard sizing for MMA is crucial.

Why Proper Rash Guard Sizing for MMA Cannot Be Overlooked

When deciding what to wear for MMA training, remember that your rash guard needs to be the right size to protect you properly. Simply put, if your rash guard isn’t the right size, it won’t perform its function as well.

But first, what is a rash guard in MMA? It does a few things, but, in general, this is a protective piece of clothing. The rash guard protects you from minor cuts and scrapes while training or competing. It also prevents bacteria from getting on your skin, which could lead to infection, especially if it gets into small cuts or scrapes. Plus, it protects you from rashes or ‚Äúmat burn‚ÄĚ from rolling around on the mat.

Yes, you could wear any shirt to add a protective layer over your skin, but a perfectly sized MMA rash guard means it fits snugly. As such, the material won’t get in the way or lead to injuries from your limbs (or those of your sparring partner) getting caught.

In addition to these benefits, rash guards can also improve your performance. They can reduce your muscle soreness and sweating, letting you continue to push yourself as you fight.

If the Rash Guard Isn’t the Right Size

But why does sizing matter? How tight should a MMA rash guard be? There is a sweet spot when it comes to sizing ‚ÄĒ and that‚Äôs because it influences the way in which you are able to move when sparring or grappling. If it is too loose, your limbs can get stuck in it, or your sparring partner‚Äôs limbs may get stuck. This can lead to injury or impede your movement and, therefore, your performance.

Wearing a too-large rash guard also means it may move out of place as you grapple. This could lead to exposed skin and eliminate the protection the rash guard is designed to give you. This includes protection against mat burn and from germs or infection. 

On the other hand, if the rash guard is too tight, it will be uncomfortable and restrict your movement. In extreme cases, it could even cut off circulation ‚Äď that means it is too small.

Simply put, knowing how tight should a MMA rash guard be will ensure you get the full benefits of the clothing without any negatives.

So ‚Äď How Tight Should an MMA Rash Guard Be?

The ideal rash guard sizing for MMA is as tight as possible without sacrificing movement or comfort. Ideally, you can pull on the rash guard and stretch about an inch (or less) from your skin, but it will snap right back into place when you let go. 

This is the sweet spot in the fit that provides the benefits of protection and compression without sacrificing movement. That being said, some MMA fighters prefer slightly looser rash guards, though. This can improve your comfort and range of movement. You just have to ensure not to get one that is too loose, as that will eliminate the compression benefits. As mentioned, it also increases the risk of a limb getting caught in loose fabric.

Tips for Getting a Perfect Size MMA Rash Guard

You’re no longer asking yourself how tight should an MMA rash guard be? So, the next question is: How do you get a perfect size?

In most cases, rash guard sizing for MMA will be the same as your normal clothing. So, if you typically wear a medium, get a medium. If you typically wear a large, get a large.

Importantly, you should always check for a size chart. This is the absolute best way to ensure you choose the right size. Most rash guard sellers, including Apex Fitness, will have a size chart on the product page. This helps you choose your size based on your chest, waist, and hip measurements.

What if your measurements are between sizes? If you are new to MMA fighting and wearing a rash guard, round up. If you are an experienced fighter and have worn rash guards before, round down.

Other Considerations When Selecting Your MMA Rash Guard

Rash guard sizing for MMA is just one consideration when choosing your rash guard. You will also want to keep the following considerations in mind:

Quality Materials That Stand the Test of Time

Just like any other gear you buy for your sport, it’s smart to invest in high-quality rash guards that will last a long time. You want high-quality materials like spandex, polyester, or a combination. These materials stand up to tough use, letting you continue using the rash guard for a long time provided you care for it properly.

Of course, opting for a rash guard with quality materials also puts your mind at ease while wearing it. You don’t have to worry about it randomly ripping if you make a sudden movement, something that would certainly hurt your performance.

Don’t just pay attention to the materials; you also want to look at the stitching. Choose a rash guard with flatlock stitching or flatlock seams. These prevent chafing and skin irritation while maximizing comfort and durability.

Focus on Comfort to Unlock Peak Performance

As with any other sport, you will perform best when you are comfortable in your MMA gear. From shirts to rash guards to shorts, you need to be comfortable enough to move freely. You also need a rash guard that will keep you at a comfortable temperature, so look for one that wicks away sweat to help you stay cool while exerting yourself.

With a comfortable rash guard, it will almost feel like a second skin and won’t affect your performance or endurance. This way, you can train for hours without a problem.

Style That Looks the Part and Helps You Feel Confident

While size, durability, and comfort are the most important considerations, you don’t want to neglect style either. After all, the right rash guard can make you feel more confident and even help you seem more intimidating to your opponent.

Maybe you feel best in something with minimal logos that lets you show off your muscles or focus on your technique. Or perhaps you feel confident in something with tough imagery or writing on it. Everyone is different, and you may even want several rash guards in different styles, so you can swap them out, depending on what makes you feel confident on a given day. 

This is also where you will want to consider long-sleeved rash guards versus those with short sleeves. Long sleeves are the most popular as they give you more coverage for protection and warmth. They also tend to be tighter in the core. Meanwhile, short sleeves are usually tighter in the chest. Depending on where you look, other sleeve lengths and styles may also be available.

Want a Recommendation? Stick With Apex Fitness!

Consider Apex rash guards, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of materials, durability, comfort, or flexibility. You just have to decide what size to wear and which style you prefer. The premium MMA rash guard options from Apex are all high-quality for outstanding durability. You won’t ever have to worry about whether the rash guard can handle the constant movement while you train.

The material is a soft four-way stretch fabric that stretches and bounces back to recover. It is also a moisture-wicking kinetic material, helping to keep you cool without worrying about excessive sweat. As a bonus, there is detailed sizing information, with available sizes from XS to 3XL. That means everyone will be able to find the proper fit.

Final Thoughts on How Tight an MMA Rash Guard Should Be

The simple answer to how tight should an MMA rash guard be is as tight as possible without affecting your comfort or movement. Many MMA fighters prefer their rash guard to be tight yet comfortable, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting slightly more give. Just make sure it is not too loose, as you won’t benefit from the compression.

Rash guards are just one part of your training wardrobe. You will also want to have MMA shirts and MMA tank tops in your arsenal. Don’t forget MMA hoodies to wear over your T-shirts or rash guards and MMA shorts that are durable and comfortable.

You can find all of this gear and more from Apex.

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