What Is Great About MMA Shorts?

What Is Great About MMA Shorts?

MMA attire has come a long way since the sport’s early days. At a time, fighters would go into the cage wearing the traditional garbs of their respective martial art. The great Royce Gracie, for example, would fight wearing his iconic Brazilian Jiu-jitsu gi.

However, as the sport evolved, so did the clothing that fighters preferred. Today, almost everyone who steps into the octagon is wearing MMA shorts.

But why are these specialist shorts becoming the norm? What is great about MMA shorts? We'll go over why these training shorts have become the top apparel choice for MMA athletes and why you need them in your arsenal, too.

What Is Great About MMA Shorts?

MMA shorts are the preferred fightwear of many contemporary fighters. What is great about MMA shorts is that their designs are specific to the sport. They also provide both comfort and tactical advantage. Here are just a few of the things that make MMA shorts great:

They Unlock Superior Mobility

MMA shorts provide fighters with greater mobility. They have a shorter cut than traditional boxing shorts, which allows for a full range of motion. MMA shorts also have a waistband you can adjust to achieve the perfect fit.

With less excess material, your opponent can’t use your MMA shorts to grab you or pin you down. That’s why more fighters prefer the design of MMA shorts.

They Keep You Comfortable Throughout Intense Training Sessions

MMA shorts come from lightweight and breathable materials that help keep athletes cool and comfortable during competition. They move with your body and won't ride up or chafe during intense sessions. Whether grappling, sparring, or hitting the heavy bag, MMA shorts will help you stay focused on your workout.

They Offer Better Protection During Sparring

While boxing shorts don’t offer much protection from strikes, MMA shorts design takes to account grappling and kicks. MMA shorts are preferable for sparring since they provide better protection for the groin and thighs, given the sport's nature.

MMA shorts have a slimmer fit around the legs. Also, they are becoming increasingly lightweight thanks to advanced materials and production methods.

Additionally, not only do these shorts protect you, but they also protect your opponent. Other types of sports clothing may have zippers and other accessories that could cause cuts and scrapes to your opponent.

They’re More Durable and Can Stand Up to Heavy Wear

MMA shorts are all about durability. In the middle of the fight, your entire focus should be on your opponent. The last thing on your mind is distraction caused by ripped or malfunctioning shorts.

MMA shorts use materials that offer protection and are built to last. The material used in MMA shorts is usually heavy-duty polyester or nylon, which can withstand wear and tear.

They Are Fast-Drying and Water-Resistant

Mixed martial arts shorts come from various fast-drying materials, including polyester, spandex, and nylon. The material used in MMA shorts also has a water-repellant or anti-microbial finish. This helps to keep the fighter's skin dry and free from bacteria.

They Offer a Better Fit

Proper sizing of the MMA shorts you wear is critical for the sport, where grappling is common. With MMA shorts, you won't have to worry about them riding up. This is a serious advantage that MMA shorts have over boxing shorts and Muay Thai shorts.

How to Get Great MMA Shorts for Yourself

MMA shorts are essential fight gear for any competitor, along with rash guards and hand wraps. They help protect you from injury in the octagon, help you move more freely, and attack quickly. What is great about MMA shorts is that it’s easy to find one that suits you well. Here are a few tips on how to get great MMA shorts for yourself:

Start With Proper Sizing

First, you need to find MMA shorts that fit you well. With a tape measure, you can start by measuring your waist size around your natural waistline. Once you have your waist size, you need to find shorts with an adjustable waistband. This will allow you to loosen or tighten the shorts as needed.

Consider the Different Types of MMA Shorts

There are several types of MMA shorts out there. The kind of shorts fighters wear varies based on their strengths and capabilities. What is great about MMA shorts is that there’s a design that fits your fighting style and technique. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Vale Tudo Shorts

Probably the most popular type of MMA shorts is the Vale Tudo type. They grip the legs tightly, like compression shorts.

Since they fit like a second skin, a fighter can move quickly. Plus, it's difficult for an opponent to grab Vale Tudo shorts. On the other hand, a pair of baggy shorts are quicker to grab. Additionally, Vale Tudo shorts have a cup pocket for added protection.

Conor McGregor and Anderson Silva are two of the top names who like wearing Vale Tudo shorts in the cage.

Gladiator Shorts

Gladiator shorts are easily recognizable by the large slit that runs down the side of the leg from the thigh to the hamstring. The slit in these MMA shorts usually goes almost to the waistband. Gladiator shorts have light, airy fabric and are very short, like Muay Thai shorts.

If your style involves many power kicks, you'll want to consider gladiator shorts. These shorts give you the maximum range of motion in your hips and legs, allowing you to unleash all that power. Donald Cerrone and Jon Jones are notable MMA fighters who used gladiator shorts.

MMA Board Shorts

MMA board shorts are the perfect balance of maneuverability and comfort. With a Velcro strap on the waist, they provide ventilation while still being tight enough to allow for a full range of motion.

More contemporary fighters are using full- or short-length MMA board shorts. Dustin Poirier, Kamaru Usman, and Ciryl Gane are famous examples.

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Final Thoughts on What’s So Great About MMA Shorts

MMA shorts are an excellent choice for any fighter looking for comfort and flexibility in their apparel. They come in various types to suit any style and come from durable materials that can withstand the rigors of training and competition.

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